Pet Photography: Is It Worth It?

Babies (of the human kind!)

There’s an interesting story behind how I got started in Pet Photography!

Around 18 months ago my best friend had a baby. An actual human baby, not a fur baby!

Niki, what do human babies have to do with pet photography? I hear you ask. Well, she asked the inevitable question, “hey can you take some photos of the baby for me with your fancy camera?”. Sure. I’d love to, I said. So I popped along when he was about a month old, stayed for a few days to meet my little nephew. One morning the light was just perfect. He’d just been fed and we were about to get ready to go out. I grabbed the camera off the fly and took some shots.

I also managed to get a shot of the baby’s best mate, her doggy Reggie! It was only one shot, and it wasn’t planned but he looked gorgeous!

Time moves on, but photos are forever

Fast forward a year or so and the boy is growing like a weed (and in need of another photoshoot!) and I gave my bestie a photo album and some prints for Christmas, with enough spare pages so that we could fill them up as he grows up.

Another friend saw the photos and asked, “hey loved the photo of Reggie, we’ve just welcomed a new puppy, can you take some photos of her for me with your fancy camera?”.

Lyra was the perfect model, and even managed to get her photo in the local paper!

What’s the moral of the story, and is pet photography really worth it?

Both of my dear friends take loads of photos of their kids, their family, and also their pets, every single day. Are any of these pictures ever printed and put on the wall though? Not usually.

Pets are part of the family, we love them just as we do our kids. I strongly believe it’s worth investing in professional pet photography and getting them printed. We all have thousands of photos on our phones and on cloud storage, but spending a bit of time with a professional pet photographer to get shots you really love is an investment and ensures they’ll be around forever, even when our pets are no longer with us.

Lasting memories

In the decades to come, I hope to sit with the boy (who won’t be a baby by then!), show him photos of his mate Reggie and tell him all sorts of stories, because Reggie was one of Finlay’s best mates, and photos are the memories we can pass on for generations.

Feeling like its time to book a shoot? Drop me a message and we can have a chat. Want to see some more examples? Check out my Instagram page!

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