6 Tips For Walking Your Dog In The Dark

Some people love it. Some people hate it. Do you love or hate walking your dog in the dark?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit fed up with dark nights and having to walk my dog in the dark. I love him dearly. I know he loves going out just as much as I love taking him out, but I miss light evenings!

Have you spotted any snowdrops yet?

The evenings are getting lighter though, we’re even begining to see the first signs of spring! Hopefully some of these tips will help you out until Summer comes around!

6 Night Walking Tips

Wear reflective clothing

I think this is one of the most important tips on the list. It’s just as important to make sure you are visible as it is your dog. Whether you’re walking your dog in the dark or along a path (more on that later) or along a well-lit street, safety first.

You can get a great range of fluorescent clothing for both you and your dog now. Check out some of the options in Pets At Home!

Use a light-up collar/lead/harness

Dylan showing off his blue collar
(apologies about the poor quality phone pic here!)

Thanks to the massive expansion of the pet industry, you’ve not got loads of options when it comes to lighting up your pooch. Here’s a few from eBay for all sorts of price brackets!

When I walk with Dylan he has a blue flashing collar with a red flashing light. Take a guess at how many cars sow down when they see blue and red flashing lights in the distance! 😉

Walk on a fixed lead

Dose your pooch love to run free? Best save it for the daylight hours! While this may be frustrating, it’s a much better option than losing your mate in the dark

If you’re worried about your dog not getting enough exercise, have a look at renting a secure field that has floodlights. Making some time at the weekend (or any other time in the light) can be geat for both you and your dog!

Carry a torch

This one is pretty self-explanatory! The benefits are immeasurable to be honest. They range from being able to see to put the key in the lock, right up to checking under the hedge to see what Fido is sniffing!

It’s a good idea to keep your torch on and shining on the floor while you’re walking. Anything to make you and your buddy more visible in the dark.

Not walking your dog in the dark!

This is a really important tip for both you and your dog’s safety when walking your dog at night. The world doesn’t seem like the safe place it once was. Especially if you read a lot about dogs going missing. So stick to areas with streetlights or, if you can’t, walk in bright moonlight.

Try to walk with a friend

The last tip on my list may not be one everyone can follow, but try walking with a friend. It could be great exercise for both of you! If your friend has a dog that you dog gets on with, it could be great socialisation for them too!

Get those photos!

Walking your dog in the dark does have it’s benefits. Those dark and moody portraits can look extra special!

Have something in mind? Get in touch and lets have a chat about it!