The Animals

Here you'll find some of the wonderful animals I've had the pleasure of photographing.

The Dark Collection

Black and dark grey backdrops bring out the unique personality of our pets, they are one of my favourite type of portraits to shoot, edit, and see hanging on walls in beautiful frames.

The Colour Collection

Full colour portraits either in the studio or outside, showing the fun and quirky nature of our pets that we know and love.
These look fantastic on canvases, as framed artwork and in photo-books as well as on gifts such as keyrings, mugs, and calendars.

The Black and White Collection

Hands down my favourite style of photography, the fine-art detail of black and white is something very special and really showcases the stunning beauty of our pets. 
Black and white photos lend themselves perfectly to breathtaking framed wall art as well as photobooks and gifts.

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