Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you’ll have loads of questions about your shoot, and you can always email me any time, but here are some that most people ask to get you started!

Sessions vary depending on time and the number of pets you’d ike photographed.

Sessions start at £99. I ask everyone to pay a 10% deposit when they confirm their booking, and this goes towards wall-art and printing credit.

Each session is unique, but afterwards I offer everyone a free in-person viewing of your photographs (usually a week or so after your shoot) so you can choose your favourites, along with an online gallery. 

Most sessions are based locally in Swindon, Wiltshire. There is no additional fee for travel within 5 miles of Swindon, any further out please get in touch.

We can either do an indoor studio-style shoot or go out on location (or in your garden). Drop me a message to discuss this further!

I ocassionally run sessions in Essex, near Stansted Airport. These are day sessions where appointments will need to be booked in advance.

The short answer to that is: any!

I love all animals and would be happy to discuss pet photography sessions for any type of pet!

**please note** this does not include spiders/tarantulas/other arachnids. I’m so sorry but they terrify me!

It all depends on the pets. If you have two that live together then usually this isn’t a problem.

If the pets aren’t used to each other (you and your best friend’s pet for example or your pet and your parents’ pet) it can be a bit more tricky to get the pictures you’d want.

Any more than two and it can get a bit chaotic so a longer session may be required.

As always, get in touch and we can have a chat about everything.

Sessions are primarily focussed on getting great pictures of your pets.

Having said that, little ones and pets have a great bond.

As long as your little ones (humans and pets!) are well behaved and happy to be in the photo then we can squeeze a few in. This is limited to children under 10 and a maximum of two extras.

If you particularly want a session for pets and pet families, then please get in touch and we can arrange something!

Please do!

I’ll have a chat with you before the session about treats and toys, but if your pet has a particulalr favourite then feel free to bring them along too.

I would suggest not filling your pet up on too many treats before the session though, we want him looking his best, not like he’s about to pop!

If you’re after that “just groomed” look then I’d certainly consider it, but othrwise it’s not necessary.

I’m happy to remove spots of dirt etc from photos, but that I-just-jumped-in-a-huge-puddle-of-mud look is a bit more tricky!

I have a few rules with leads and collars that I won’t budge on.

If we’re out somewhere public then your pet (most likely a dog in this case) MUST be wearing a collar with an ID tag. I can take no responsibility if your pet gets lost, but it would absolutely break my heart if they became lost without any ID because we took them off for the shoot.

Most of the time collars can be edited out of photos if you really want, but it’s up to you.

When it comes to inside sessions (either in your home, or your garden) then leads/collars are entirely up to you.

Nervous pets are fine, and we take it at their pace.

We’ll have a chat beforehand to find out if there are any triggers or particular worries for your pet, and to see what we can do to keep them calm. 

We’ll let the session flow as it does and not push too hard. Finlay was a nervous boy so I’m compeletly understanding!

Great! I’m so pleased you’ve decided to book and you won’t regret it when you have your beautiful photos of your lovely pet!

Pop on over to the contact page and drop me a message, from there we can organise your session!